SocialCrew Simple AppExchange Managed Package Simple Tweet Portal

A simple tool to manage your Twitter campaigns within your CRM. Available on the AppExchange as a managed package here.

Decemebr 8, 2015
SocialCrew Simple Quick Tweet Portal

Configure Access:

First, add the SocialCrew Simple permission set to each user that should have access.

Add Twitter Accounts:

Next, add at least one Twitter account. This app supports up to 10 Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, you will have to log out of the current account and into the next account when posting Tweets.

Tweet Portal:

Now that you have access and a Twitter account setup, you can start to use the Tweet Portal tab. Aternatively, you may import Tweets in Bulk

Quick Tweets:

The Quick Tweet page in the Tweet Portal tells you when you last posted a Tweet for each category within each account. It also pulls up the next Tweet in the queue for each category. With a few taps you can post your daily quotes, promotions, and articles for up to 10 Twitter accounts.